A restaurant in Visalia is being repeatedly hit by vandals. 

It happened right in the heart of the downtown district. Someone threw a brick into the window of a family owned restaurant. The owner, devastated but not surprised

“No idea, maybe a hate crime, I don’t know,” said Café India Owner Gurdev Singh.

The former truck driver turned restaurant owner doesn’t know why this happened.

Last Saturday he found the front door of his restaurant shattered, but this is not the first time it’s happened to Café India. In the past year this same scenario has happened multiple times to the storefront. 

“Sometimes I think, why just my place?” said Singh.

Police say the latest vandalism attack happened Saturday morning and is not being investigated as a hate crime.

“This is being treated as a felony vandalism case,” said Visalia Police Department Sergeant Damon Maurice.

But for Singh, he can’t help but feel he’s being targeted.

“What else am I going to think?” For him it’s more than vandalism, it’s a family affair. “My kids, they look at the window and cry,” he said.

However, the restaurant owner also feels there’s hope. To his surprise a fellow business owner started a GoFundMe page to help him pay for the new doors.

“It makes me cry. I have no words for it. Just thanks to everyone who is doing that,” said Singh.

Visalia police say this is the third police report for broken windows and doors at Café India in the past year. Though vandalism is not common it is the most reoccurring crime in the Downtown Visalia area.