Visalia man finds GoPro, uses footage and social media to find owner

The saying is what goes up must come down and this story proves that is true.

A man in Visalia found a small expensive GoPro camera in his backyard.

He looked at the footage in hopes of finding clues as to how it got there.  

After that he took to social media. 

"I was picking up around the trailer and I saw something on the floor so I picked it up and it was a GoPro and I was like where did it come from." says Jose Romo. 

A several hundred dollar GoPro camera isn't something you would normally find laying around in your backyard. 

Jose Romo found the camera last week and he knew it dropped form somewhere. 

" I got one clip of it and recorded it on my phone," he says.

What he found were clips from what appears be a plane.

"Got pretty excited, got stoked that it was a pilot."

He thought he would give it a chance and try to find the owner. 

He made a post on Facebook with a little clip and it took off.

"I believe it was 97 times it got shared within the first hour or so."

One share led to the next and through a Facebook group Romo was contacted by the owner.

A local pilot here in the Valley.

"He was pretty happy he was able to get the GoPro back, he said he thought he may have dropped it somewhere in the desert because of the flight," he says.

We spoke to the pilot, he did not want to interview.

He shared flight footage with us and told us he did not think he would ever see this GoPro again. 

He offered money, but Romo didn't want it instead he is doing something else. 

"He said I actually get to fly in his plane this weekend,"

He says he still can't believe something fell from the sky landed here in Visalia and he was able to return it.

"It is something that doesn't happen everyday man,"

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