Residents living in the 5700 block of North La Paz Avenue in Fresno could soon be getting a new neighbor if the Fresno County Superior Court approves.
“Mr. Snyder has been convicted of several sexual offenses starting back in 1979, he has 5 prior felony convictions where he’s been to prison,” said Assistant District Attorney, Steve Wright of the convicted felon, Jeffrey Snyder. 
Snyder is set for release from a state hospital, and the hospital, Liberty Health is trying to find him a place to stay. 
According to a press release by the district attorney, the home found for Snyder is a 2,819 square foot home in Fresno.
The residence is a multi story facility with five bedrooms and three baths. 
Snyder would live in the home by himself, the expenses for the home would be paid by taxpayers. 
“When he was coming up for his parole, back in 2002, 2003 he qualified as a sexually violent predator.”
Wright said the district attorney then petitioned to keep Snyder off the streets and instead be committed to Coalinga State Hospital. 
“Somebody who has qualifiying prior convictions, who has a diagnosed mental disorder such as pedaphilia, which makes them a danger to the public,” said Wright. 
For neighbors who live in the area of the proposed home of Snyder, the news is not good. 
“It would just be kinda weird cause it is right there next to the park and we live right here on the corner house,” said 18-year-old, Alfonso DeLaTorre III. 
Alfonso lives with his parents and younger siblings just a few homes down from where Snyder would be housed. 
He said lots of children play in outdoors in the evenings, and it is not safe to have him there. 
“I don’t think you can ever change a person, in order for someone to change they have to want to change,” said Alfonso. 
The District Attorney’s Office stated that they are “opposed to Snyder living at that location, but they are not responsible for the selection of the proposed site, and “The selection process of the site is sole responsibility of the Department of State Hospitals and the Fresno County Superior Court. 
Public comments can be submitted through email or mail and they can be submitted between the dates of
September 1 through September 16.
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Mail :   Fresno County District Attorney’s Office 
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