Violent robbery caught on camera, police need tips

Call Crime Stoppers at 498-STOP to remain anonymous

Fresno, Calif. - Even detectives say this crime is shocking because it happened in the daytime and the suspects were so violent. Fresno Police Department investigators are sharing new camera angles of the crime and hope this surveillance video will help catch the suspects before they strike again. 
Take a good look,  these are the faces of two of the most wanted men in Fresno. Investigators provided us with new video of the attack on a jewelry store owner during the daytime hours near Blackstone and Clinton. The timing of the attack and reckless use of a gun seen in this video has investigators like detective Kham Xiong on edge. 

"They're brazen enough to do it during the daytime hours like this and without the fear of anyone else seeing them. It makes me scared that they are going to go out and do it again if they don't get caught," said Xiong. 

In this exclusive video, we now see how investigators believe the suspects tried to get a hold of the surveillance, putting a gun to the head of the store owner and even hitting him with the gun. Fortunately for investigators the suspects weren't able to steal the surveillance, but they still pose a serious danger out there somewhere. 
"When they have these weapons they get emboldened and they feel like they have some type of power," said Xiong.  

Investigators believe this was the getaway vehicle, a tan Chevy Tahoe with damage on the passenger side. For investigators, knowing this store owner was bullied, beaten, and lost more than $10,000 in merchandise, they are eager to make an arrest. 

"He's just trying to make an honest day of work and what happens? He ends up getting robbed by you know, just thugs," said Xiong.  

 Fresno Police are hoping to hear from someone who recognizes the suspects in this crime. You can remain anonymous by calling Crime Stoppers at 498-STOP. 

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