Vehicle registration every other year? California lawmaker says it could save you time — and money


Imagine only having to register your car with the Department of Motor Vehicles and Transportation every other year. 

That could happen if a newly-proposed bill is passed and it could possibly mean we would be paying less.

Senator Jim Beall in San Jose proposed the bill. He says if this passes, paperwork would be cut in half, which could mean that the wait times and fees could be reduced as well.

It’s something most people dread, going to the DMV.

“I don’t have anything on the agenda today, knowing that I was going to have to come here for registration,” says G.A. Washington, a Clovis resident.

But soon, G.A. Washington may be able to skip this yearly trip, thanks to a new proposal: Senate Bill 460.

“We’re trying to reduce paperwork at DMV and one way to reduce paperwork is to have the option of registering your car biennially,” says Beall.

Which means, Californian drivers would be able to register their cars and pay fees every other year, instead of every year.

Senator Beall, who also chairs the Senate Transportation Committee, says cutting paperwork is key.

And for those who wonder if fees would go up, the senator says probably not.

“It could reduce pricing depending on what kind of fiscal impact, we want to make sure the fee only covers the cost,” He says.

Adding, “We think the cost would be less, so we generally think the fees would be lower due to the fact that the work load would be less.”

Something Washington and other drivers say would be a great benefit.

“Anytime I don’t have to come down to the DMV is great, I could live with that,” says Washington.

“It would be pretty awesome if it was every two years, if it stayed at one payment, not a double payment,” says Deborah Newberry, a Fresno resident.

Beall says on Tuesday they will be presenting the bill at a hearing to get feedback on the proposal.

He says it still has several stages to go through before it’s voted on, but if passed, it could go into effect sometime next year.

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