Vehicle Burglaries Numbers Increase in Tower District and Northeast Fresno


FRESNO, Calif. —  Violent crime is down in Fresno but car break-ins are on the rise in the Tower district and Northeast Fresno.

Police said it’s a big enough jump to make them concerned.

“Many of these crimes are happening by transients that are homeless people,” said Chief Dyer.

Dyer said it is happening to people who are being responsible after a night of drinking. He said when people leave their car out all night after grabbing an Uber home, the break-ins will happen.

“They leave their car parking lot over night and get a ride home and they come back and that vehicle has been broken out to,” said Chief Dyer.

To avoid that, police are encouraging tower district goers to use a ride sharing app to get to their location, so their car won’t be sitting all night.

Another place getting hit by vehicle burglaries is Northeast Fresno.

“We have had 112 vehicle burglaries over the last 28 days, which is 32% increase. It is unacceptable.”

Northeast police said the main targets are Shaw, Herndon and Champlain and Perrin area. To combat this, they will have more patrols out on the street especially around the holiday season.

“I am confident in saying when we come back next month, you won’t see the number of crime dots on the map,” said Dyer.

Police said take the items out of your car but don’t wait until you get to your destination. Police said criminals are casing parking lots and watching you put a purse of other items in the trunk.

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