The President dropping an order, as three country’s military mights drop missiles on Syria. 

“They had the targets picked out, the aerial operations for each of these countries picked out,” Fresno County Republican Party Vice Chairman Mark Johnson said. “I think this was a very measured response to very horrific action taken in violation of international law.”

Local Republicans saying, the United States’ military capacities arguably exceed those of Syria’s, even Russia’s or Iran’s. Saying the President’s charge to Russia to pick a side, is common sense.

“Both to Russia and Tehran, ‘Hey, wouldn’t you want to be on better relations with us, than siding with someone who would use chemical weapons against their own people,'” Johnson said? 

Others condemn the act, like Camille Russel and Dan Yaseen, with anti-war activist group, Peace Fresno.

“We are attacking Syria because Assad is killing his own people, but how can we justify killing a whole lot more people,” Yaseen said?

Also worrying about Russia’s response.

“This strike is really irresponsible, because it does bring us to a possible conflict with Russia.”

A country they say, has nuclear capabilities.

“To be provoking them is extremely irresponsible,” Russel said.

Conservatives say, they hope for peace in the Middle East also, but say they are realistic about past violence in the region. Holding that, this response is measured, aimed at stopping chemical warfare.

“The secretary Mattis said, ‘We’re done, the attack is over, and it’s up to President Assad if we have to respond further,'” Johnson said.

Peace Fresno is holding a demonstration tomorrow from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at First and Clinton avenues. 

Reporting in Fresno, Megan Rupe.