This is just the beginning. 
“We are all trying to figure out better methods to control this particular mosquito” Says Biologist Chenoa Defreece. 
That mosquito is the Aedes aegypti. 
Fresno Mosquito and Vector Control Biologist Chenoa Defreece is setting up traps in Fresno neighborhoods to see where it is. 
“It is really to assess if this particular residence if it has Aedes egypti as well as the population of the mosquito.” She adds. 
The Aedes aegypti is known to carry a number of diseases, mostly recently known for Zika. 
It has been found in the valley in the last few years, but this summer they are expecting to find a lot more.
“We are looking for it to expand and we want to something about that expansion.” Says Tim Phillips from the Fresno Mosquito and Vector Control.  
A recent research article by the Public Library of Science showed Fresno being one of the top 50 cities where Zika can spread in Summer conditions. 
“The mosquito coming is problematic, with the mosquito here the diseases can come here and that is a worry for us.” Says Phillips.
The Fresno Mosquito and Vector Control, like many others, hired extra staff this season to spray and set up traps. 
This mosquito is different than others, it can spawn in small amounts of water such as a water bottle.
“It is ultimately going to come down to the resident, go into the backyard and get rid of the water.” He adds. 
Again its only the beginning, as the temperatures warm up, officials say they need the publics help.
“We are trying to get a head start on this.” Says Defreece. 
Anyone with questions is urged to contact their local mosquito and vector control office.