Valley natives relive natural disasters by watching Hurricane Harvey


Loren Pickford and Rachel Goode both almost lost their entire lives from natural disasters and both say watching Hurricane Harvey hits far too close to home.

Images of destruction…forever in her mind.

“Living on the wrong side of a wall built after Hurricane Katrina we were on the wrong side of the flood gate our house wound up having 15 ft of water,” stated Goode. 

Rachel Goode survived not one…but three natural disasters.

The Merced native experienced Hurricane Katrina…Hurricane Isaac destroying her family’s home…and the Layfeyette flood last year while pregnant with her first child. 

“I remember seeing my mom clean out the tubs full of toys we had growing up and crying over baby dolls like they are real people just those memories that you keep and collect and losing those things seeing her hurt over things like that was hard,” said Goode.

Loren Pickford and his wife lost everything in Hurricane Katrina.

“I lost everything in my house I lost pictures mementos clothes all that stuff you keep in your house. But I knew lots of people lost babies and children and relatives so i never did complain, it’s just stuff I’ll be able to replace,” said Pickford.

But the Fresno native says seeing victims of Hurricane Harvey hits too close to home

“Sadness my wife said there’s such a funny feeling in the city with stuff going on in Houston, I think a lot of it is PTSD from Katrina. I didn’t realize I had PTSD when I got to Kansas city but I did,” mentioned Pickford. 

Both survivors say victims of these natural disasters need help long after the storms stop. 

To help with the Red Cross relief effort call 1-800 red cross or text “Harvey” to 90999 to make a $10 donation

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