As President Donald Trump swore in as the nation’s 45th president–students, staff and faculty at UC Merced walked out to denounce him. It was part of a statewide call to walk out on all University of California campuses statewide.

Anyone near Kolligian Library could hear the chants Friday as dozens of people marched. The walkout was sponsored by the labor union UAW Local 2865, a labor union made up of teaching assistants, research assistants and tutors. It served as a way to come together and create a supportive community.

“We have around 7,000 students so it’s pretty small. We’re in a tight community. We take the streets and we take care of each other, too,” said UC Merced student Brenda Gutierrez.

Pres. Trump wasn’t the only one in the hot seat. Marchers also put blame on the UC system, especially with a tuition increase coming soon.

“Part of it is really asking the administration to be accountable to what they’re asking of us as students,” said Danielle Bermudez, a graduate student and teacher’s assistant at the university. “(We need them) to not just provide quality, accessible education, but to really mean that.”

Austin Perry was one student who didn’t agree with the message of Friday’s walkout.

“(Pres. Trump) was elected and he was voted into office fair and square. I agree with their right to protest, but I don’t agree with their message,” he said.

UC Merced hosted several spaces on campus to discuss inclusion on the campus moving forward. Several student groups did the same as well.