UC Merced campus closed Friday due to poor air quality

uc merced_1542345987044.JPG.jpg

UC Merced will remain closed Friday, Nov. 16 due to poor air quality. 

School officials say classes have been canceled and the campus will be closed, except for dining, housing, and the health center. They also mentioned that all academic buildings will be closed except to those with CatCard access. 

The campus was shut down Thursday afternoon as well.

The air quality forecast for Thursday had showed Merced County in the “unhealthy” range; it then spiked rapidly into the “very unhealthy” range. Friday’s forecast is also in the “unhealthy” range, which promoted the university to close the campus. 

School officials say they expect to resume normal operations on Monday, Nov. 19.

Those concerned about the air quality can find hourly updates from the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District.

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