TOPEKA, Kansas (KSNT) – Stress, joint pain, and separation anxiety. All things we go through. Which can also be passed on — to our dogs.

And now a Kansas business is relieving those emotions from our pups.

When the door is shut, it means a massage is in process — but not one for two-legged people — it’s for the ones who walk on four legs.

Jill Rheaume is a certified Canine Massage Therapist, working in Manhattan relieving stress, pain, and tension in dogs through massage therapy.

“I’m actually the only canine massage therapist in our area,” Rheaume said.

She opened Canine Massage Therapy in April 2018. Her uncommon job requires a lot of education for people in northeast Kansas.

“If you were to go out to the East or West Coast, you will find lots of canine massage therapists. And lots of people doing it. It’s normal, but here it’s not,” Rheaume said.

Showing dog owners they’re more than dogs. As pups go through stress– separation anxiety and joint pain. One of Rheaume’s clients, Nickleby, had joint paint for a while since he is a sports dog.

It hard for him to walk sometimes. But once he got to Rheaume, it all changed.

“His movement is much more soft and fluid. When he moves, I don’t see the limp. And his attitude is significantly better. So he obviously was hurting. And I didn’t know it. He was a pretty stoic little guy,” said Jennifer Anthony.

So before you think a dog is just a dog. Remember, they go through the same things we do. They just can’t tell you.