Gyms across the nation usually see an influx of new members throughout January since getting fit is a common new year resolution.

However, Equinox, a luxury fitness company, decided not to accept new membership applications on New Year’s Day, which sparked mixed reactions on social media.

“We Don’t Speak January,” the company posted on its social media accounts along with a statement explaining the decision to decline new membership applications.

“January is a language we don’t understand,” the statement read. “A fantasy, delivered to your door in a pastel colored box. It talks about change. It wants you to start something when you should be in the middle of it. It thinks time is on its side. It needs a new outfit before it can begin. Stalling, short-cutting, giving up.”

Some social media users praised the company’s decision, while others accused Equinox of trying to “shame” people for wanting to start a healthier lifestyle in the new year.

One Equinox Instagram follower asked if the temporary halt on memberships would last throughout the entire month of January.

“We’re not accepting new members today. We look forward to welcoming new members starting tomorrow,” Equinox said on Instagram on New Year’s Day.

The company has 106 club locations across the U.S. and Canada. California has 32 locations, according to the fitness club’s website.