Two On Motorcycle Die In Southeast Fresno Crash

Police Searching Scene For Clues

Two people are dead after a car and a motorcycle collided Friday evening in Southeast Fresno.
It happened at Tulare and Willow.  Fresno Police were on scene and had shut down the intersection within minutes after the crash happened. Police say a black SUV made a left turn onto Willow as the motorcycle went east on Tulare.  Investigators say it appears the motorcycle broadsided the vehicle,  causing the SUV to hit another vehicle behind the crash scene.  No one in the other cars was hurt. " "Right now we turn this over to our collision reconstruction unit, our CRU detectives and they will actually be the people who piece all this together and ultimately tell us who is at fault", said Captain Anthony Martinez of the Fresno Police Department. Martinez would not comment on whether the victims were wearing helmets, but eyewitnesses on scene say they were.   
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