Hanford Police said a man was robbed, tortured and killed, Thursday.

Police said the suspects, Stacie Mendoza, 38 and Jose Mendoza, 36, both of Fresno.

Officers said both are accused of murdering Kenneth Coyle, 68.

Police said they received a call on Thursday, April 12, of suspicious activity at the Hanford Del Arroyo Estates – a mobile home park on Grangeville – where neighbors say the victim lived.

Neighbors said the victim was a veteran, serving in the military during the Vietnam War.

Those at the mobile home park said the victim was a nice man but stayed to himself.

“Golly that’s sad,” said John Braz, a neighbor of Coyle’s.

Many still processing the gruesome murder of 68-year-old Kenneth Coyle, in their mobile home park.

“Shocking, I’m sorry,” Braz said.

Hanford Police said they received a call from the property manager of suspicious activity at the Hanford Del Arroyo Estates.

“Officers got there and noticed a tremendous amount of what they believed to be blood and what appeared to be an area that was cleaned up by maybe some bleach and some dragged marks,” said Lt. Gregory Freiner with Hanford Police Department.

Police said that’s when they learned Coyle, who neighbors said lived in mobile home park, had not been seen in a while and his truck was missing.

Officers said information led them to 38-year-old Stacie Mendoza and 36-year-old Jose Mendoza.

Police said Friday, April 13, both were caught at the Los Angeles airport, LAX, by Los Angeles Airport Police.

Officers said Jose had Coyle’s belongings on him as well as a plane ticket to El Salvador.

“Our detectives went down and picked them up and brought them back to Hanford,” Freiner said.

Police said during questioning both Mendoza’s confessed to Coyle’s murder and told police they dumped and burned his body in Madera County.

Officers said they believe the suspects were friends of the victim.

“We believe the motivation of the homicide was money, it was a very gruesome scene,” Freiner said.

Coyle’s next door neighbor at the mobile home park said even though he kept to himself – he was a good neighbor.

Braz said they’d waived hello whenever they passed each other.

“Even though I didn’t know him, it hurts,” Braz said. 

Police said children were with the suspects when they dumped Coyle’s body in Madera.

The chief of Hanford Police plans to release more information on Monday.

If anyone has information, you’re asked to call CRIME STOPPER at 498-STOP.