Tulare residents react to a mountain lion roaming their neighborhood this weekend


A mountain lion is back in its natural habitat after spending Saturday night prowling around a Tulare neighborhood. 

It’s not the kind of cat you typically see roaming around your neighborhood.

Tulare resident Briana Spens is not talking about a little feline, but she’s talking about a huge mountain lion, a nearly 100 pound one, according to police. 

Folks who live in the neighborhood, near Burton Avenue and Mt. View Street are still trying to grasp that this 2 to 3 year old wild cat was walking across their lawns miles away from the wilderness. 

“I wonder how it got here, I mean this is a pretty long trek from any mountain area,” Spens says.

While that part remains a mystery, Spens says last night this big guy caused quite the commotion. “We heard sirens we walked out and we noticed that it was all blocked off,” she remembers.

Next thing you, know she says police and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife were out telling folks to stay inside. 

“They said they were going to get ready to tranquilize it and if we could please all go inside in case it went wild they didn’t want any of us to be injured,” she says.

Sunday morning, Tulare Police posted a video of the big cat on Facebook being released back where he belongs, saying the mountain lion is doing well and was tagged for identification. 

Tulare Police say the mountain lion does not have a name just yet. They are taking suggestions on their Facebook page.

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