KINGS COUNTY, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Flooding continued to decimate the area of Kings County located in the Tulare Lake Basin Friday, but relief is now on the way.

Governor Gavin Newsom Friday signed an executive order, to help support the flood response and recovery, as the state expects the worst to come in anticipation of an epic snow melt.

It suspended some regulations protecting fish and wildlife, to expedite the floodwater diversion, debris removal, and levee repair.

It also waived work hour limitations for permanent and intermittent personnel, retired annuitants, as well as state management and senior supervisors working on the emergency response.

“It opens the doors, it cuts a lot of red tape, it suspends regulations, it allows for our officials to be able to manage this quicker,” said County Supervisor Richard Valle, who represents District 2 in Kings County.

It’s an area that includes Corcoran, and the miles of damaged areas and farmland that continued to take on water Friday.

“We’ve sent our lost damages to the governor’s office two days ago. We’re currently estimated at $1 billion dollars in losses today. Multiplier effect brings that to $2 billion. The loss of wages, jobs, the trickle-down, so, this right here is positive,” said Valle.

Valle has publicly asked Governor Gavin Newsom to take a trip down to the county to see the damage for himself and to help prepare for what’s projected to be coming.

“We want to show him the levee system, that doesn’t only protect the city of Corcoran, but those two state prisons there. We’re asking him for $5 million in state funds to help us build on top of the current levee, raise that wall two more feet, so come summertime when it’s going to be scary, that levee is going to be there to protect this community, hopefully,” said Valle.

We reached out to the governor’s office to see if they will come down to survey the damage in the county, but we are still waiting to hear back.