Tulare County Inmate-Run Farm Helps Sheriff Office Save On Food Budget


For almost three years inmates at all four of the Tulare County jails have been able to enjoy the taste of organic eggs, collected from the Tulare County Sheriffs farm.

A farm where the inmates are the ones who feed the chickens and collect the eggs. 

“Two of them will come out and clean the eggs in the morning then they will take it back to our egg wash area where a third inmate will do the washing,” said Tulare County Sheriff farm manager, Tom Guinn.

Guinn said Sheriff Mike Boudreaux idea to add chickens to the already established sheriff’s farm helps save the county, and sheriffs office about 100,000 dollars a year.

“Our kitchen goes through 2000 eggs a day and we are around 1700 eggs we just replaced some old birds and we just got some new birds.” 

Although the egg farm helps the sheriffs office in terms of the food budget.
Guinn says at the end of the day the inmates are the ones who benefit the most.

“What we are doing we are teaching them a skill they have a place where they can go to to find a job,” said Guinn. 

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