HONOLULU (KHON) – Ringing in the new year usually comes with celebrations like fireworks, firecrackers and loud noises that may be scary for pets.

Kristen Hudson with Oahu SPCA said if you know your dog has anxiety around loud noises it is best to prepare and plan before the big night.

“It’s important to prepare. So, what I recommend to pet owners is that they make sure their dogs all have collars with accurate tags. It’s a good time to get your pet microchipped if they aren’t already,” Hudson explains.

She adds that having a proper collar and getting microchipped offers added security just in case your pet does run away. When a shelter does find a stray dog, they always check to see if they can locate the animal’s owner. 

“Our stray dog intake for January at the shelter is usually at 100% or 150% higher than any other month in the year,” Hudson tells Nexstar’s KHON. 

She said having a plan can prevent a dog from trying to run away from the fear of loud noises. This could include talking to a veterinarian about your dog’s anxiety around fireworks and loud noises. 

“You can get them something called a thunder shirt, which is like a big hug that wraps them up and hugs them,” Hudson adds. “They feel a sense of calm and surely you can distract them with other things like a frozen Kong [dog toy] or a special bone.”

According to Hudson, in some cases, staying home with your pet might be best, that way you can calm them down when things get loud around your neighborhood.