Florida community on edge after ‘invasion of poisonous toads’


A Palm Beach Gardens community is on edge after an invasion of poisonous toads.

Residents at Mirabella at Mirasol are seeing the toads in their front yards, swimming pools, and drains.

Experts say they are Bufo toads, not native to the West Palm Beach area. Exposure to these toads are dangerous to your pets since they’re attracted to dog and cat food. Experts say they secrete a toxin that can be harmful or even fatal to your pets. They can also cause irritation to your children’s skin or eyes.

The community emailed this statement to residents:

Dear Mirabella Residents:

Information from the MMMA has been received regarding the excessive Toad population behind some of the resident’s homes predominantly in Via Condado. The following is the information we have received:

The areas were inspected by Solitude Lake Management and Northern Improvement District biologist. This event is a natural course of nature not having anything to do with an in balance within the ecosystem of the lake. Both Northern and Solitude agreed, the toads are babies of the Bofu (cane)species. The majority of the babies will die. The opinion is that this is an isolated occurrence not derived from the lake. This has previously occurred in Mirasol, several of the residents have used Toad Busters with good results. Click here for the link to Toad Busters for additional information and professional education.

It is suggested, to avoid attracting toads to areas where pets are, do not leave pet food in open dishes in the yard. Bufo’s are attracted to dogs’ watering dishes, and may sit in the rim long enough to leave enough toxin to make a dog ill. Keeping your dog on a leash and well supervised when outdoors is suggested to prevent bufo toad toxicity. We suggest you carry a flashlight at night, so that if the dog seems overly curious about something you can check it out.

Lisa Hartford
Lang Management

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