Tragic New Details In Apparent Murder-Suicide In Reedley

Causes Of Death Released In Autopsy Of Victims

Tragic new Details are emerging in an apparent murder-suicide that left a mother, and her two young children dead Monday night in Reedley.  Officers were first called to the scene on the 400 block of East Myrtle Monday night at around 7:30, after being alerted by the father of the children, who discovered the crime scene after returning home from work.

Police say that when he walked into the apartment he found his two chidlren, a 21-month old female, and a four year old male in the bathtub. He reportedly found his wife, 32-year old Vera Lucia Diaz Nunez hanging in a bedroom.  The man cut the woman down and notified authorities.
Investigators believe Nunez drowned the children in the bathroom before hanging herself.

The investigation revealed through interviews that Vera Nunez Diaz had been suffering recently from depression. Reedley Police had not had any prior contact with her or her family.

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