Tower District Porch Pirate Tosses Package When Chased By Resident


An apparent porch pirate trying to make off with a package Tuesday morning in Fresno’s Tower District met his match when a resident with tracked him using his cell phone.

It started when Tower resident Terry Story was driving home on Palm and saw a man on a bike stop and grab a package that was sitting on a porch.   

Story knew what was going on and made his move. “I pulled off did a U turn.  I see him carrying a package away from the porch getting on his bike goes directly across Palm avenue. That gives me time to follow him, get my camera ready”, said Story.

He tracked the man as he pedaled his way up the street making a break for it, and called out of the car window to drop the package. “That’s not your package. If you put it down we’ll take it back. That’s not your package”, Story can be heard saying on the video.  Suddenly the man drops the package and pedals off on his bike.

This incident is personal for Story, who has been the victim of porch pirates in the past.  He hopes release of the video ends up doing some good.  “I hope it goes somewhere. I hope people see his face. We got a picture of his face.and they keep an eye out for him.   Hopefully the police will see it too”.

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