Tower District man shows a simple act of kindness goes a long way


Everyone has seen the videos of someone walking up to a porch snagging a package or vandalizing property, but one homeowner caught the exact opposite on his cameras.

Aaron Hightower moved to the Tower District about two years ago, and recently develop Sciatica, which put him in excruciating pain. 

He met Tony, a local homeless man, while trying to get back into the swing of things. 

“Just on my walk I’d walk past him, and I got to recognize his routine and my routine overlapped,” Hightower said Friday. 

The two became friendly. “I let him know, ‘Hey Tony any time you need cans just come on by. Walk up to my front door, no worries,'” Hightower said. 

That’s what Hightower thought Tony was coming to do Thursday.

“You stopping by for some cans?,” he asked. But instead, Tony wanted to alert him. “He’s like no, I was going to let you know your trunks open.”

Hightower’s belongings could have been an easy target.

“I had my car keys with me, and I hit my button and I hit the wrong one and instead of locking my car it popped the trunk open,” he said. 

Hightower said his own health problems gave him perspective on what others may be going through. He now makes it a point to talk to people some may avoid. “(One woman’s) eyes lit up. She was so happy to have someone talking to her. Showing her love instead of telling her to scoot along.”

“You’ve got to prioritize what’s important and being involved with people is remarkably important,” he said. 

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