President Trump signs historic water memorandum promising to deliver more water to Valley farmers and more farmland

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Let’s face it, water is complicated here in the Valley. It’s been a fight for farmers over generations, but now with a new mix of science and technology President Trump is promising to deliver new water to more farmland, to produce more revenue for the region and the world.

With the stroke of a pen, President Trump is looking to produce a new lifeline of water to Valley farmers.

“You need the water, you have the water, you need the signature and you’ll have one today and that was the tough one,” said Trump.

“It makes sense environmentally, makes economically and from a engineering standpoint,” said the U.S. Secretary of Interior. David Bernhardt.

President Trump’s water watchdog, the Secretary of Interior David Bernhardt is now armed with new biological opinions and science that he hopes will deliver the knockout punch to the water wars that have plagued Valley farmers for generations. It’s something Congressman Devin Nunes says he has constantly been in the President’s ear about.

“When i would be in meetings with him he’d say do you know they have these pumps that don’t even run half the time, i would say yes mister president trump i’m the one who told you that story originally,” said Nunes.

The new water memorandum aims to remove restrictions on water supplies. Expands the window to transfer water from July through November. It increases pumping during storms when fish are not endangered. The administration also states the biological opinions will provide more than 600,000 acre-feet of new water to the Valley which will allow another 240,000 acres of land to be farmed. It’s being labeled as the water blueprint to recharge the Friant-Kern canal.

“You may have a dry January and a wet February, why would you pump in the wrong month, so they are looking at real time monitoring and when there is that opportunity take it,” said former Valley congressman David Valadao.

The new science behind it also says it protects the delta smelt and salmon runs, which has been at the center of the controversy.

Nunes says, “The salmon population has ebbed and flowed and with no correlation to the amount of water that has been let down through the delta and out to the ocean.”

But there is another hurdle to pass, the state. Governor Newsom has yet to offer his blessing on this new water memorandum. He has ordered his administration to pursue a lawsuit to block implementation of the biological opinions.

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