Perea: We are off to a slow start but we need to meet deadline! New vice-chair and deadline requests headline first month for Fresno’s police reform commission

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It’s been more than a month since Fresno mayor Lee Brand launched the city’s first commission for police reform. So, what’s been done so far? One of its members says the commission is off to a slow start. State Center Community College District trustee Annalisa Perea says there’s been a lot of foundational issues they have had to take care of in the first four weeks, and are now feeling pressured to hit the commission’s 90-day deadline. Perea also addressed the recent controversy surrounding the commission’s new vice chair, Sandra Celedon. Celedon tweeted, “burn it down” using a retweet of the Minneapolis police precinct being set on fire during the George Floyd protests. Celedon has been silent about that tweet and also changed her public profile to private.

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