Panel: Will Costa and Soria face off in the general election? It would be the first time two Dems headline the ticket for District 16

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History could be made on Super Tuesday in the Valley! There’s a good chance two democrats could face off in the general election to decide the 16th congressional district. The incumbent Jim Costa is looking to secure a 9th term, but he may have to beat fellow democrat and one-time friend Esmeralda Soria to do it. Soria, now in her second term on Fresno’s city council has been the focus of Costa’s political ads. Soria and Costa may be the top two candidates in the jungle primary, if republican voters don’t show up for Kevin Cookingham. Two democrats have never faced off in the general election the 16th congressional district. Making this race all that more intriguing to watch on March 3rd.

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