Panel: D-16 congressional primary may turn into a bitter, nasty battle between Costa and Soria

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She called him a friend and even endorsed him, now Fresno city council woman Esmeralda Soria says District-16 congressman Jim Costa is not the problem solver he says he is in Washington.

Jim Verros, Diane Pearce and Ricardo Franco weigh in on what’s expected to become a nasty, bitter fight in the congressional primary.

Congressman Jim Costa releasing this statement following Soria’s announcement on Thursday:

“I was very disappointed to learn that my longtime ally and friend, Fresno City Council Member Esmerelda Soria, has made the decision to run against me in the 2020 election. We’ve always worked well together, and in my recent meeting with her she did not mention any issues with my leadership. The reason I do this job is to help people and make a difference for the valley. I have more work to do. That is why I am running for re-election. “

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