FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE/KSEE): The Oak Fire is more than 67% contained as of Monday night. 

Fire crews are making good progress on containment, which is allowing people to focus on repopulating and rebuilding.

40 different organizations brought truckloads of assistance.

The Mariposa High School Gym was converted into a Local Resource Center (LAC) for those who were forced from their homes.

Volunteers packed evacuees and survivors homes with water and supplies, so those lucky enough to return home, could live a little easier.

“We’ve kind of gone through this before, but never this close, never this long without power,” said David Beaudoin.

Beaudoin falls into that lucky category of people who have a home to return to.

“Fire got within probably a mile from our house. We’re lucky, we are just lucky,” he said.

Beaudoin stayed behind, despite the fire getting too close for comfort, and he heard a series of violent explosions.

“I was sitting outside watching it, and I heard boom, boom, boom heard about 15 of them, and I heard a great big blast, and it was two miles away. For two days in a row I didn’t sleep at all,” said Beaudoin.

Although his home was spared, not too far from him, his neighbors were one of the more 100 homes that have been destroyed by the Oak Fire.

“Yeah just up the road yeah. We know quite a few people who lost their homes,” he said.

LAC had no shortage of help for Beaudoin and his neighbors.

“For those who were impacted anyone by the Oak Fire, whether it was an evacuation or a power outage, whether you lost your home or it was damage to your property, we’re going to be here to support,” said Lizz Darcy.

Lizz Darcy is with the Mariposa County of Health and Human Services. They are leading the recovery efforts.

As survivors return home and begin rebuilding, Beaudoin is grateful for the help he’s received.

“I’m really happy for these guy here, they’re lifesavers, I mean everyone has been awesome. It’s just fantastic,” concluded Beaudoin.

The Assistance Center will remain open at the Mariposa High School Gym until Wednesday. 

Companies like PG&E and government programs like the DMV, and the Recorder’s Office will be there from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. to help those who lost or misplaced important papers, recover fresh copies.