Jogger discovers cat head in Northeast Fresno, body nowhere in sight

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A woman out on a run Friday morning discovered something gruesome in Northeast Fresno.

She was running on Behymer Avenue between Maple and Chestnut Avenues when she saw in the middle of the sidewalk, the head of a cat with its body nowhere in sight. 

The woman posted about it on the Nextdoor App and asked if anyone was missing their cat, along with a picture. Another woman saw the post and recognized the cat as her own. She says his name was Lucas, he was 14-years-old and had been missing for about a month. Another neighbor who saw the post took it upon herself to bring it to Waterhouse Animal Hospital so it could be kept for evidence. 

Veterinarians there say it doesn’t appear the cat was in an accident of beheaded by an animal, but instead, a human. 

“From what was seen when the head was brought in, it did not look like an accident, and it did not look like an animal type of wound, it looked deliberate and it looked criminal so my suspicion is that it probably was,” said Dr. Matthew Conlan. 

Fresno Police are aware of this incident but say until they have more leads or a suspect there’s not much they can do. The case was turned over to the SPCA. We reached out to them for more information but as of Wednesday evening, we have not heard back.

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