EXCLUSIVE: Supervisor Mendes defends handling of Fresno county’s CARES Act funds, also claims study on lack of PPE for county farmworkers is a left-wing falsehood

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Fresno county supervisor and board president, Buddy Mendes is unapologetic for cutting off local, state and congressional leaders during the emergency meeting held in downtown Fresno this last week. Mendes says no political agendas or pontificating was allowed and everyone knew that ahead of time. Mendes is also defending how the county has handled the CARES Act funds to this point in response to the accusation by assemblyman Joaquin Arambula that the county is not using the money with urgency. Mendes also questions a farmworker study released by the state that says more than 40% of farmworkers aren’t receiving essential services and PPE to do their job and to stay healthy.

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