EXCLUSIVE: Republican party official, CEO of Center for American Liberty files federal lawsuit against CA to reopen schools citing most kids and teachers are not at risk

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Governor Newsom is facing yet another lawsuit after shutting down thousands of schools across the state to start the year. San Francisco lawyer and CEO of Center for American Liberty Harmeet Dhillion is considered a conservative big wig and has challenged governor Newsom on multiple occasions during the fight against COVID-19. Dhillion has filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of nine parents and one child with special needs. The lawsuit accuses Newsom of putting politics ahead of children and denying children access to a meaningful education. It says school closures will disproportionately hurt students of low-income families, students with disabilities and students of color.

There’s about 30 lawsuits against Newsom since his “shelter in place” order back in March. Dhillion is behind about half of those. But none have had much luck so far. Of those that have requested the court to stop the state orders while the case plays itself out, none have been granted and so far, four have been explicitly denied. 

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