FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) A Fresno student has been arrested after threatening a school shooting at Edison High School on Thursday morning. Fresno PD says the threat was not credible, but they are taking the incident very seriously.

“It was taken care of before students ever arrived this morning,” said Fresno Unified Trustee Keshia Thomas.

Police say a student has been arrested but could not provide any more information because they’re a minor. In the now-deleted social media post, the suspect wrote they would be “Emptying a whole clip at Edison

High School tomorrow at break,” adding that they would then kill themselves in front of everyone.

“Whenever we get one of these, it’s high priority obviously, anything dealing with kids, anything dealing with a possible shooting,” said Chief Paco Balderrama. 

Police say it was an empty threat.

“The police investigated and went into the home and made sure that it wasn’t credible, that there were no weapons,” said Thomas. 

The district says student disciplinary actions are confidential due to privacy laws, but they say there will be consequences.

“We will make sure that our kids are safe, we will make sure we have the correct security, we will take all threats seriously, and we will press charges,” said Thomas. 

“If we have to respond to a threat like this and we can’t respond to something else and there’s loss of life, I’m going to push very hard to file that charge as a felony crime. It is already a state misdemeanor to make a false report,” said Balderrama, adding that these incidents impact resources at the department. 

Two weeks ago, 40 officers were dispatched to Bullard High School after a similar hoax.

“At any given time, we may only have 60 police officers for the entire city. So, you take 40 from that, what do you have? 20,” Balderrama said. 

Earlier this month, two Clovis Unified campuses and a high school in Madera went on lockdowns for hoax calls, too.

“We continue to have copycats around the states, and these children think it’s a game. This is not a game putting people’s lives in jeopardy,” said Thomas.