The flu was off to a late start this year barely picking up in late November.

But, doctors with Community Regional Medical Center say flu diagnosis have taken a spike.

Matthew Hadeed is the Assistant Clinical Professor in Pediatrics with CRMC and UCSF Fresno. He says doctors are still having to wear flu protection attire. 

“This year we are still having to have everyone wear masks and we are still doing the flu vaccinations,” says Hadeed. “I think we are still going to be giving out the flu vaccinations until June.”

Hadeed says flu diagnosis have hit children very hard these past few weeks.

“Back when I was on service we had half a dozen kids, over a week, confirmed influenza A,” says Hadeed. 

Jane Banks with Fresno Unified School District’s Health Service department says they have seen a spike in students calling out sick the past few weeks… 

“You know we had a little dip but now we are seeing more with the flu,” says Banks.

Although doctors stress the importance of getting your flu shot every year many people still would  rather take their chances.

Isaac Puente says he never gets his flu shot and hasn’t had a bad version of the flu yet.

“I mean if you are young I don’t think you really need it,” says Puente. “But, if you are getting older you should probably get it to be safe.”

Corey Harris also says he has not gotten his flu shot this year because last year he got it and caught the flu.

“Yes I did and I got sick last year,” says Harris. “So, that’s why I am not going to try it this year and try my luck this year.”

But, David Wear says he follows his doctor’s orders and gets his flu shot ever year. 

“Pretty much every year,” says Wear. “It is simple it only takes 15 to 20 seconds.”

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