Coyotes on the prowl in north Fresno County neighborhoods, why pet owners are terrified

FRESNO COUNTY, California. (KGPE) – Multiple people living in Fresno County neighborhoods have reported sightings of coyotes in their neighborhood, some even attacking and killing pets.

Concerned residents took to the Next Door App to warn others of the coyotes. Many posted saying they saw the animals in Northeast Fresno and North Clovis. Animal experts say it’s not uncommon for coyotes to infiltrate into neighborhoods during the winter as they look for new food sources.

Still, some residents say it’s too close for comfort.

“I come outside, there’s no cat, all the potted plants, dirt everywhere, and noticed a track,” said Nick Rolbiecki.

He says a few weeks ago he was watching TV inside his Northeast Fresno home when he heard a noise on his porch. He came out and found a mess, and the neighborhood cat he’d fed for years, gone. He also found a track of paw prints.

“I thought it was a deer or something it was so big and when I look closer it had our cat in it’s mouth and I’m like ‘oh no…'” said Rolbiecki.

He followed the animal in his truck until it got away.

“I’m just so sad because this cat has been around for so long,” said Rolbiecki’s next door neighbor Jackie DeWitte.

She’s worried for her neighbors pets, so she posted on Next Door to warn others.

“We would have four of five cats come around and I don’t see any of them anymore. There is not one cat left,” said Rolbiecki.

A few miles away near the Copperwood Training Stables, owner Jeannette Herbold is missing one of her three dogs.

“It was terrible. It was heartbreaking,” said Herbold.

Thursday afternoon she found her dog Daisy laying in the road bitten several times. With minutes to live, she rushed her to the hospital.

“They asked me if there was any way she could have been bitten by a coyote and I said absolutely. This would be her third time,” said Herbold.

Herbold says coyotes frequent the orchards around her home, even going into her horseback riding business.

“We’ve lost bunnies and cats and chickens and ducks. We had a petting zoo and most of our smaller animals are gone,” said Herbold.

But not Daisy. She is expected to make a full recovery after undergoing surgery.

Wildlife officials say to keep an eye on your pets, keep them inside at night and don’t leave any food or garbage out.

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