FRESNO, California (KGPE) – A couple from Fresno is stranded in Costa Rica without access to money in their bank account.

They have been waiting for a $17,000 transfer of funds from Bank of America for three weeks.

“It’s frustrating,” said Bank of America customer Alana Stribling. “I guess, it’s really frustrating because we need the funds and we’ve been waiting.”

Their money is stuck in transition from Bank of America to a bank in Costa Rica.

“They just completely let us down as far as processing our request for a money transfer,” Stribling said.

Alana and her husband recently retired in Fresno and this month decided to leave and travel the world – starting in Costa Rica. Now the couple is feeling stranded amid what was supposed to be a dream.

“It’s been a nightmare,” Stribling said.

A new obstacle in obtaining the cash they need. Their money has been converted into Costa Rica currency.

“For whatever reason, they transferred it into Colones and they tried to bring it into this country in Colones,” Stribling said.

Alana says she requested the transfer be in U.S. dollars because that’s the only way the bank in Costa Rica would accept the transfer. Once again – the money is between banks.

That’s when Alana sent an email to CBS47 On Your Side.

“I heard back from the media in the Fresno community and even though we’re not there anymore, it’s wonderful to know we still have that support,” Stribling said.

We reached out to Bank of America and they assure us a solution is coming for the Fresno couple.

“We’re just hoping to hear back,” Stribling said.

Bank of America tells us there is a client services team designated to the couple and is reviewing their information.

We told Alana to let us know when the transfer goes through and we will be following up with her to make sure the issue is resolved.

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