The pandemic has impacted so much in our lives. Even Breast Cancer Awareness Month has been impacted with events and fundraisers that usually happen in our area– cancelled this year.

But some young women in Madera have figured out a great way to follow the guidelines and spread awareness. They’re sending handwritten messages; sharing encouragement, support and hope. Letters for breast cancer patients from the hearts of some caring students from Madera High School. “Doing these letters really opened my eyes, because well now I could give back to the community even if I have to be at home social distanced. It’s a wonderful program,” says Madera High School senior Brianna Guerrero.

Brianna is a member of Madera High’s chapter of Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA). It’s a program focusing on career preparation and community service. For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the students decided to write letters to send to the “Girls Love Mail” project– a national organization that shares the heartfelt messages to newly diagnosed cancer patients around the country.

“They’re beautiful letters. I’ve gotten a chance to read through some of them. Some of them share stories of – I’ve had a mother, aunt, or grandmother who had breast cancer. She beat it and I know you can,” says Michelle Stetsko, Madera High School’s FCCLA advisor.
Stetsko says her students were excited about the concept, and began turning in letters right away. She’s received about 30 letters so far that she will forward to the “Girls Love Mail” program.

Brianna, whose mother has battled breast cancer, has written five letters so far. The words she says spilling out– with hopes of touching someone at this time of isolation at home. “There could be girls my age, and maybe this letter will get to them and they’ll see it and say, ‘Oh I do have this. I can fight this. I can beat this'”, she says.

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