Assemblyman Mathis believes Governor mishandled taxpayer money in purchasing masks from China, “He could’ve invested the money into a California company”

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As Tulare county remains a COVID hot spot for California with more than 1,000 cases and 44 deaths as of Friday, Assemblyman Devon Mathis believes the county is not in danger. During his conversation with Alexan Balekian on Sunday Morning Matters, Mathis questions the number of positive tests versus the unknown number of negative ones. Mathis also says the county will not evacuate any of the five nursing homes where most of the COVID cases and deaths are centered.

Mathis also believes governor Newsom mishandled tax payer funds when he decided to sign a billion dollar contract with a Chinese company to produce tens of millions of masks. The details of the contract remained tight lipped until Wednesday night when the governor’s office released the contract. It was revealed, BYD, the Chinese electric-car maker had to reimburse the state $247.5 million by the end of the week for not being able to make all the masks requested. Mathis said the governor could have enlisted a California company to make the same masks and create jobs.

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