Tips if ever caught in the middle of a winter storm


Rain, hail, snow and lightening can all make up a winter storm. 

California Highway Patrol in Oakhurst is reminding drivers to take it easy if caught in the middle of one.

Luis Lugo is the Public Information Officer for Oakhurst CHP. He says the biggest thing he sees drivers doing during a winter storm is not staying calm. 

“Overacting is one of the things we try to get people to stop doing when they are driving in these harsh climates,” says Lugo.

Along with overreacting Lugo says drivers tend to not slow down. 

“We ask everyone to drive slower than normal,” says Lugo. “On top of that if it looks like the roads are wet but you are not seeing splash from those cars in front of you, you may be driving on ice.”

According to Caltrans if there is a major car pile up they can shut down a freeway to clear it out. 

Sam Yniguez is the Public Information Officer for Caltrans Central District. He says highway 41 usually does not close during severe weather unless there is multiple accidents. 

“We will temporarily close it to get vehicles out of the way if they are stalled to get vehicles out of the embankment,” says Yniguez. “But, then we will open up the roads back up.”

Caltrans says the best thing drivers can do is prepare ahead of time just in case they come up on a road closure. 

“Bring along with you a travel kit, something to keep you warm, some snacks, some water, and maybe an extra charger,” says Yniguez.

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