Thieves steal $7,000 worth of rescue equipment from Fresno County Search and Rescue Team


The Fresno County Sheriff’s Department is hoping to recover several rescue equipment that was stolen from their vehicle while en route to Butte County. 

On Friday, November 23, several volunteers with the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue Mountaineering Team were heading to Butte County to help in the recovery operation at the Camp Fire. 

While en route they stopped at a restaurant in Turlock around 6p.m. to eat. After 30 minutes inside they returned to their SUV and found two of the car windows and been broken and most of their rescue equipment was stolen. The sheriff’s office says the reported loss was approximately $7,000. 

Unfortunately, there was no surveillance cameras in the area to capture the theft,  and no suspects have been identified.

The sheriff’s office tells us the volunteers would be unable to perform their duties at the Camp Fire without their gear; so they were forced to return home to Fresno.

The three volunteers are certified to work with the Sheriff’s Office, but they are not county employees, therefore all supplies and clothing are paid for by them. 

If you’d like to help the three volunteers replace their stolen gear, you can make a donation online by visiting

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