A Downtown Fresno business has been hit by thieves once again.

Fulton Cycle Works has been broken into twice in two days. Each time, the thieves leaving behind thousands of dollars in damages.

It was the last phone call Darren Johnson wanted to get at 4:00 in the morning.

“The usual phone call from the alarm company telling me there’s a glass break and a motion, which means there’s somebody in the building,” Johnson said.

It’s almost becoming routine.

“I just wish people would stop stealing. That would make it a lot easier,” Johnson said.

Johnson went straight to his shop, saw the broken glass and missing bike, and checked the surveillance, once again.

“It never gets easier, if anything it gets harder. It’s more difficult to see it every day,” Johnson said.

The video shows the suspect arriving to Fulton Cycle Works around 3:00 in the morning. Taking an unknown tool, he begins testing several windows.

“He wasn’t successful at breaking those, also pushed on some of them,” Lt. Joe Gomez with Fresno Police said.

So he moved on to other windows, but decided to take his time, camping out in front of the store, covering his face, while he studies the goods inside.

Finally, the suspect tries to last window and gets lucky.

“And then he took that bicycle, it’s a Schwinn 10-speed, red in color, has white wall tires,” Gomez said.

Leaving behind thousands in damage and several divots in other windows. Gomez says they will study the surveillance and Real Time Crime Center video, but they need the public’s help.

“We’re really going to have to have somebody come forward that recognizes them, that sees the video of them and is aware of the crime,” Gomez said.

Police are also still looking for the two people who broke into the shop on Valentine’s Day. That one also happened early in the morning and was caught on camera.

“Is it worth it to continue? Is it worth doing this for what in the short term is, no reward,” Johnson said.

Johnson’s already got cameras and an alarm. He says he could put up bars or a metal door, but all of that costs money. He says he just feels defeated.

“Sometimes just closing the door seems easier than dealing with this,” Johnson said.

Anyone with information on who these suspects might be are asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 498-STOP, where you can earn a cash reward.