Staff at Tesoro Viejo made a special  tribute to a holocaust survivor who made it all the way from Auschwitz to the Central Valley to start a new life.

Martin Morgan was 13 years old when he was taken to the Nazi encampments.

“He was just a little kid in a concentration camp,” Morgan’s wife, Betty Jean Morgan said. 

Martin was a family man, a business man, and cattle rancher.

Martin and his wife bought 30 acres of land in Madera County to start an orange grove and soon bought another 150 acres for cattle ranch that is adjacent to the land that is now a part of Tesoro Viejo. 

” He was a hard worker. He couldn’t sit still. He’d wake up at three in the morning, wanting to go to work and I would tell him let’s wait till the sun comes up,” she said. 

Betty Jean remembering her husband on this Holocaust Remembrance day, Martin passed away four years ago. 

She was to going to miss the moment when her late husband was honored by the community he loved with staff naming their new amphitheater in his memory. 

” He was our neighbor and he was so proud of what we were doing because it was bringing his vision to life this is what he always imagined of Madera County to become,” Tesoro Viejo Vice President Karen McCaffrey said. 

The amphitheater will have it’s first concert on May 31 and the public is invited to attend. 

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