FRESNO, Calif. — The numbers on the gas pump keep on ticking and the cost is only going up.

The 12 cent gas tax went into effect in November after being passed into law by Governor Brown and Sacramento legislators.

Voters had no say in the hike to repair the state’s roads. Now, a recent poll shows that more than half of Californians want to get rid of it. 

 Diane Pearce with the Fresno City and County Republican Women Federated has been pushing against it.

“Democrats in Sacramento have over stepped their bounds,” said Diane Pearce, Board of Directors for Fresno City and County Republican Women Federated. 

Analysts said outrage over the tax was a key driver for republican voter turnout in Tuesday’s primary election and they expect the momentum will carry into the November mid terms.  
“If we’re gauging voter anger accurately then I think this will drive some people to the polls that are at the margin that might not otherwise show up,” said Jon Coupal, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association. 

Proponents add that the tax is a big reason republican John Cox got the number two spot in the gubernatorial race.

Fresno County Democratic Party Chair Mike Evans said he isn’t worried, despite low statewide turnout by democrats on Tuesday.
“We are going to revisit what needs to be done and make sure that happens between now and November. We  have excellent candidates and feel confident,” said Mike Evans, Fresno County Democratic Party Chair.

Campaign organizers for the repeal said they’re weeks away from officially earning a spot on the upcoming general election ballot. Supporters gathered close to one million signatures from registered voters.