Supervisors to Decide on Fate of Fresno Humane Animal Services


In less than 24 hours, the Fresno County Board of Supervisors will decide whether a new animal shelter can be built in a Northwest Fresno neighborhood.

The land near Grantland Avenue and Highway 99 is currently owned by Derrel Ridenour of Derrel’s Mini Storage, but he’s donating it to the Fresno Humane Animal Services, so they can build a new shelter. On Tuesday, the Supervisors will decide if FHAS and Ridenour can move forward with their plans.

FHAS board president Brenda Mitchell calls their current location in Southwest Fresno less than substandard.

“There’s definitely a need, and this facility is really not set up to be able to handle the amount of animals that it requires,” stated Mitchell.

She said they are thrilled that Ridenour has decided to donate his land – and funds – to build a brand new shelter and adoption center.

Mitchelle commented, “He saw that there was such a huge need. When we took the contract, he [Ridenour[ came out and he saw this facility, and it broke his heart. It broke his wife’s heart.”

But nearby residents like Kamal Sidhu have major concerns.

Sidhu said, “It shouldn’t be in a residential area. It’s right opposite the school.”

She stated that she’s worried about increased traffic, smell in the area, and noise.

“I love my neighborhood because it’s so peaceful, it’s so quiet, and even if our kids want to play around, it’s quite safe,” said Sidhu.

“We certainly understand, and that’s why we’ve gone above and beyond to take those things into consideration,” replied Mitchell.

Mitchell said the shelter will have kennels designed to reduce stress and barking, and it will be built with sound-dampening construction materials. She adds, there will be an drainage system for the waste, and the shelter won’t open until 10am, so it doesn’t interfere with commuter or school traffic.

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