Students learn cyber security in new class at CART


A Valley school is giving students a chance to dive deep into the cyber world.

The Center for Advanced Research and Technology in Clovis started a first of its kind Cyber Security Class.

The teachers at CART said it’s a technology world, so, it only fitting they added the class.

The teachers said it’s giving students hands-on experience in a fast growing industry.

“This is my favorite class of the day,” Tyler Swanson, an 11th grade CART student, said.

Swanson said since sixth grade he’s had a passion for all things tecnology.

“I knew about then it’s what I was going to do,” Swanson said.

Now he has the chance to explore the cyber realm in the new class. Teachers say it’s designed to cater to students and their career goals.

“They’ll learn how to become technicians who can prevent people technically from being intruded from cyber attacks and things that will happen to them if they don’t have the right technology in place,” Verne Farley, a teacher, CART, said.

Farley said in this day in age computers and internet have become part of every day life
but says that could be a vulnerability.

“There are people out there whose full time job is to trick you, they’re trying to trick you into clicking on a link that will give them control over your computer and all of your finances,” Farley said.

He said that’s where a class like this one comes in. They consult experts in cyber security and local law enforcement. As well as incorporate technological side of english.

“Their english curriclum has to do with cyber security, they study technology and literature having to do with technology rather than the traditional literature,” Farley said.

He said when major corporations get attack his students will be equipt for the job. Swanson says that’s a good thing and he’s glad he’s learning about it.

“It’s something I actually enjoy doing so I know I’m going to do better in what I’m learning,” Swanson said.

Students will present their projects in January sharing tips with folks on what they should know when it comes to cyber security.

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