Storms pelt Shaver Lake with snow and rain mix, some drivers unprepared


Saturday’s storms covered the Sierras in snow, which in turn made some mountain communities prime stops for everyone to get their snow fix. Of course, with the wintry fun, comes dangerous conditions on the road.

The Rodriguez family made the trek to Shaver Lake from Stockton with one mission in mind: throw some snow at a cousing visiting from Mexico.

“We brought her here so she could have some fun, spend some time with the family,” said Laritza Rodriguez. “[My cousin has] never met the snow, so, first experience.”

Even when the sun went down, the family still had their fun with a snowball fight in a parking lot. But don’t let all the smiles and laughs fool you — Rodriguez only had one word to describe the trip up.

“Terrible,” she said with a chuckle. “We had a lot of trouble coming up here, but it was fun.”

A mix of snow and rain covered the roads all over the mountain community, making the winding concrete a slippery mess.

“When the snow is like this — when it’s mashed-potato-like — it gets really, really slippery. People need the chains, even if they’re in a 4×4 [vehicle]. You still need chains,” said Shaver Lake assistant manager Dee Heirentt.

Normally, Shaver Lake Sports would be able to provide chains for people in need. However, on Saturday, the demand overcame the supply. Some were even turned away, with some chain sizes out of stock.

Heirentt reminds drivers, just because you have chains, doesn’t mean you’re invincible to a slip up.

“Technically, when it’s actually snowing, the speed limit is 25. Most people don’t know that,” she said. “I’ll also tell people, don’t slam on your breaks.”

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