Stop racing fire trucks and ‘Pull to the Right,’ Fresno Fire pleads in new campaign


The Fresno City Fire Department took to social media to kick off their “Pull to the Right” campaign.
Basically — they’re telling drivers to, please, get out of their way when hurrying to a call.

Our Angelica Lei Lani rode along with fire fighters Monday morning — and a surprising number of people did not move over.

It’s something you would think we all know and do when we see these flashing lights or hear the sirens.

But fire fighters say when they are on an emergency call, you would be surprised how many drivers do not follow the law and pull over to the right.

“We have people that race our fire engines or trucks to an emergency they will not pull to the right and stay in the lane like we’re bothering them,” says Tony Escobedo, fire battalion chief for the Fresno City Fire Department.

One example, we rode along with the fire crew to an emergency call, several cars did pull over but this one took a while. Fire fighters say it’s dangerous.

“The stress is making sure that we protect the public, making sure that I get these people to an incident safely and as we respond to hazards and accidents we really try to avoid becoming one,” says Carlton Jones, engineer with the Fresno City Fire Department.

So, the Fresno City Fire Department created a promotional video to remind drivers it only takes a few seconds to help them save a life.

Officials say if you do not pull over for emergency responders you could possibly receive a ticket.

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