Starbucks robber convicted of stabbing good Samaritan sentenced to 4 years in prison

FRESNO, California - The man convicted of stabbing a good Samaritan during an attempted robbery at a Fresno Starbucks was sentenced to four years in prison today.

In July 2017 police say 30-year old Ryan Flores tried to rob a Starbucks near Herndon Ave. And Highway 99. 

In surveillance video Flores is seen holding a yellow bag wearing an Optimus Prime Transformers mask and demanding money from the clerk. He had a knife and fake gun with him. 

In quick time a customer who was just sitting and drinking his coffee jumped into action. With a chair in hand 58-year-old Cregg Jerri hit Flores from behind. A fight ensued and Jerri was stabbed in the neck. He then managed to take the knife and stab Flores several times. Flores later fled and was arrested by police. 

In September the mother of Flores, Pamela Chimienti, said her son plans to sue Jerri, saying he used excessive force on Flores. 

On September 27, Jerri was honored by the Fresno Police Department for his heroic actions.

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