Special surprise in audience for soon-to-be Clovis Police Chief, Captain Curt Fleming


A new police chief confirmed for the City of Clovis Monday.

Captain Curt Fleming will take the reigns of the Clovis Police Department August 3rd, when current Chief Matt Basgall retires.

Fleming already seeing support from the community: A unanimous vote, a packed city council chamber, and one surprise in the audience for the soon-to-be chief, who says, he intends to keep the same standard of safety, even as the city grows.

A standing ovation and quick confirmation for Captain Curt Fleming, who will soon take the lead of the Clovis Police Department, early August.

“Pretty amazing,” Fleming said. “You don’t really realize how big of a deal it is, until it really happens.”

The Fresno native, who’s served in both the Fresno and Clovis police departments, thanking his predecessor, Chief Matt Basgall.

“He’s hired almost half of our department in the last five years,” Fleming said.

Hearing from another who’s worn a badge, City of Clovis Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem Jose Flores, telling Fleming, to get ready for phone calls at all hours.

“Wait, don’t talk him out of it yet,” Councilmember Lynne Ashbeck joked. “It’s a big job, a big honor, and you’ve got all these people supporting you.”

This as the city grows.

Fleming saying the department, has been planning for it.

“Become more efficient, use technology, to try and keep up with that,” Fleming said.

Filling the chairs, Fleming’s son’s baseball team, who cancelled practice, to make it out.

“Let the boys know, that’s a great leader to look up to,” Coach Adolfo “Oz” Ordaz said.

“It was truly an honor,” Fleming said. “I think some of them were really excited, because today is their hardest practice by far.”

The team, with a motto of their own that could apply.

“I can, I will!”

Fleming will take over after Basgall retires, marking an almost 30 years with the Clovis Police Department.

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