One organization spent Independence Day bringing Valley communities together. ‘We Are Sikhs Fresno’ is just part of a national movement, hoping to shed light on the Sikh population in America.

It’s been two years since the City of Visalia put on a fireworks show because of financial issues. But one community stepped up.

The sweet sounds of the 4th of July make everyone at Visalia’s Independence Day celebration proud to be an American but what would this day be without fireworks? Amrit Singh says he knew he needed to make a difference when the mayor told him the fireworks show may not happen.

“It was very disheartening for us,” said Singh.

The City’s tight budget stood in the way so Singh went to The National Sikh Campaign for help.

“They said we’ll do it. We’ll take care of it,” said Singh.

Just like that, a donation of $10,000 made fireworks possible for Visalia. The initiative is called ‘We Are Sikhs Fresno’ and the stage is set for this group to educate locals on the world’s fifth-largest religion, created in India.

“American values are Sikh values,” said Singh.

Singh immigrated to the U.S. 30 years ago. Now his daughter Gagan leads the youth, hoping this campaign will chip away at discrimination.

“We have positive energy here and I think that actually helping people to get excited about our booth and they want to see who are all these people wearing cultural clothes and turbans and having long flowing beards,” said Gagan Kaur.

For the Sikhs, this is also their Independence Day, proud to help the community they call home.

“We are here for you. We are part of this country. We belong here,” said Singh.