SHAVER LAKE, California (KGPE) — The Central Sierra Historical Society along with several prominent Shaver Lake families have created a fund aimed at rebuilding the mountain community.

The Central Sierra Resiliency fund plans to rebuild and reforest areas burned by the Creek Fire.

The Ridge Top 4h and Boy Scouts planted several sugar pine trees and a giant sequoia at Shaver Ranch, a historic landmark destroyed by the inferno.

“Even though it was burned,” said Boy Scout Diego Anderson. “We are going to stand tall and work our best to gear the community back to be a strong community.”

The McDonalds own Shaver Ranch and are related to the town’s founder CB Shaver.

“It is a collaborative effort to bring the community together and inspire hope,” said Jacqueline McDonald Pucheu. “To really just preserve and get through this.”

The Huntington Lake Fire House was destroyed. Volunteer Firefighter Peter Allbright believes the community will build back stronger than before.

“The community is still here,” said Allbright. “The homes and businesses may be gone but the community is still here and it is still better than a hot day in the Valley.”